Pure Surgical Center

What to Expect

Are you interested in cosmetic surgery but unsure what to expect?

At Pure Surgical Center, we guide our patients through the entire process from consultation to recovery. Our board-certified plastic surgeons, clinical staff, and cosmetic surgery coordinator are with you every step of the way.


Our board-certified plastic surgeons provide consultations for all cosmetic patients prior to their surgery. At the time of your consultation, your surgeon will review all of your goals with you and create a tailored care plan specific to your needs.

After your initial consultation, you will meet with our cosmetic surgery coordinator. The coordinator will review the cost of your surgery with you along with available payment plan options.

Scheduling Surgery

When you are ready to schedule your surgery, our cosmetic surgery coordinator will help schedule the best date for you. To schedule a procedure, call the coordinator at (231) 739-1990.

When you schedule your surgery, a $1,000 deposit will be required; payment in full is due two weeks prior to your procedure. All costs are upfront and transparent so you can feel comfortable that you won’t be blindsided with any unexpected costs after your procedure.

The cosmetic surgery coordinator will also review your pre-operative instructions with you and will be your main point of contact if you have any questions regarding your surgery.

Pre-Operative Information

Prior to surgery, you will meet with the cosmetic surgery coordinator to review pre-op instructions, confirm your surgery date, and make your final payment. Depending on how much time will pass between your initial consultation and your surgery date, you may be required to meet with your surgeon as well. The cosmetic surgery coordinator will schedule the necessary appointments for you.

You will receive more detail at your pre-op appointment but in the meantime feel free to review typical pre-op instructions.

Day of Surgery

The cosmetic surgery coordinator will give you your arrival time. Typically patients arrive one hour before their procedure. If your surgery is scheduled to take place at Pure Surgical Center, you will check-in at the same desk you did for your initial consultation.

You are welcome to have one guest accompany you until you are ready to go into your procedure. Your guest will be escorted to the guest waiting room and called when your surgery is finished.

Your nurse will review your pre- and post-op instructions, any medications you take, and your health history. Your nurse, surgeon, and anesthesia provider will all speak with you prior to the procedure and answer any questions you may have. The surgeon will do any necessary surgical marking at that time.

You will be escorted to the Pure Surgical Center pre-operative room by a member of our clinical team.

Post-Operative Information

After your procedure is done, you will return to a private room to recover. A nurse will be with you to ensure all of your post-operative needs are met. Your guest will be escorted to your room when you’re ready. Patients are typically in the recovery room for approximately one hour after their procedure.

Your nurse will review your customized post-care instructions with you and your guest. In the meantime, you may review our post-care instructions to get an overview of what to expect. Once you are ready to be discharged, you will be escorted via wheelchair through a private exit to your vehicle.

If you have any questions or concerns prior to your surgery, please contact Muskegon Surgical Associates at 231-739-1933.