Post Care Instructions

JP Drain Care

  • Keep the external site (where the drain exits your skin) clean and dry.
  • Replace the drain sponge daily or more frequently if soiled.
  • Drain and record the outputs twice daily and total the 24 hour drainage in cc units in the provided log (below).
  • You will need to strip the drain to ensure that the tubing does not clog and to get all of the fluid out.
  • To empty the bulb, unplug the stopper, pour or gently squeeze the contents into a measuring cup, and record the output in the log below.
  • Don’t take apart the JP bulb and tubing or attempt to clean, flush, or rinse the system. It is a closed sterile system that needs to stay closed and sterile.
  • Flush to discard the fluid.
  • Squeeze the bulb to empty it of air and replace the stopper.
  • You may use garments that hold the bulb for comfort, or you may have to use a safety pin to pin the bulb to your clothing so that it does not hang and potentially pull out of the skin.
JP Drain Log
Date Time Amount 24 Hour Total