COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Symptoms 

Patient If you are experiencing fever (over 100.4), cough, shortness of breath, or have been exposed to a COVID-19 patient, please contact our scheduling department at 231.739.9461 to reschedule your appointment.

Updated Visitor Policy

To respect social distancing and patient privacy, visitors are discouraged at this time. If necessary to bring a visitor to your appointment, please limit to one person and expect to have them escort you to the exam room to keep the waiting rooms clear.

Sick or At-Risk Visitors are Not Permitted

No visitors allowed if they have symptoms (fever, shortness of breath, coughing) or other risk factors (travel to endemic area, exposure to confirmed COVID case in past 14 days, pregnant, other).

Every Visitor will be Screened Prior to Entry

These rules may change as the COVID-19 situation evolves. MSA reserves the right to deny visitation at any time in order to protect the health and safety of visitors, patients, and everyone in our facility. We appreciate your understanding during this time.

Pure Medical Spa Re-Opened (Full Service Line Available June 15)

As of Monday, June 1, Pure Medical Spa has reopened with limited services. Before you make your appointment, we want you to know about our safety measures that will impact your visit.

  • You will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms while scheduling your appointment and your temperature will be taken when you enter the building.
  • You will be asked to wait in your car until your appointment time. Your provider will call you when they are ready for you to enter the building.
  • Masks are required for entry to the building and must be worn through the duration of your visit.
  • Visitors are not allowed at this time. Please view our full visitor policy above.
  •  No-touch hand sanitizing stations are available for use. We encourage you to sanitize as you enter and exit the building.
  • Our patient seating has been arranged to adhere to social distancing recommendations, and you will notice X’s on the floor to maintain social distancing at check in and check out.
  • Safety shields at check-in are being installed.
  • return appointments will be made via phone after your appointment.
  • Our spa schedule is also being changed to limit the amount of patients in the office at one time, we ask for your understanding if your typical appointment time is not available yet.

If you had an appointment cancelled in the last 3 months due to COVID-19, we will be contacting you soon to reschedule your appointment.

We look forward to again being able to serve our clients and ask for your patience and understanding through this process. We can’t wait to see you all!

Virtual Medical Visits Now Available

How To Start Your Virtual Visit

  1. You will receive an “invitation” to your appointment (called a meeting in the Zoom app) prior to your appointment by email.   If you haven’t received it by an hour before your appointment, check your spam folder to see if it got stuck there.  If not, call our office at (231-739-9461) and we’ll help you figure it out.
  2. Be sure to download the app or test your system at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment. Download the app.
  3. Laptop or Desktop Instructions:
    1. Click on the meeting link in your email and follow the instructions to start your visit.
    2. The software will start automatically downloading once you select ‘Start visit.’
    3. You may only use a computer or laptop with a camera installed for the visit to work appropriately.
  4. Cell Phone or Tablet Instructions:
    1. Click on the meeting link in your email and follow the instructions to download from the Play Store or Apple Store.
    2. The app is free. Once the app is downloaded you simply have to ‘Start Meeting.’
    3. If you are having audio difficulties and the provider cannot hear you, swipe your screen to the left and you will see a microphone icon that says, “Your microphone is muted. Tap to speak.” Tap the microphone and swipe back. That should correct the problem.
    4. You may only use a device with a camera installed for the visit to work appropriately.

Preparedness & Response Plan

Muskegon Surgical Associates Safe Work Plan for preparedness and response to COVID-19 if available upon request. You may contact us at 231-739-9461 for more information.