Family Planning

Tubal Ligation Surgical Procedures

Tubal ligation surgery is a procedure done to remove the Fallopian tube in order to prevent pregnancy in female patients. This is considered a permanent and non-reversible form of sterilization.

Vasectomy Surgical Procedures

Vasectomy is a minor surgery procedure for male patients. The procedure cuts or blocks off the vas deferens tubes in order to prevent pregnancy. This minor surgery is very quick, done in the doctor’s office. Vasectomy is extremely effective at preventing pregnancy (almost 100%) and is meant to be permanent.

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Cash-Bundle Surgical Options

At Muskegon Surgical Associates, we understand that the rising cost of healthcare can be a burden on many patients. We are committed to providing excellent, affordable care to our patients. That is why we have developed an affordable cash-bundled option for our patients. If you have a high health insurance deductible or no health insurance at all, we offer the ability to bundle your anesthesia, facility, and physician fee into an affordable, transparent package price. This means, patients know exactly what the cost of their surgery will be upfront. There are no hidden fees, charges, or surprises.

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