Reduce the Cost of Surgery with our Cash-Bundled Procedures

Healthcare is expensive. Often, surgical procedures can devastate a family budget. Surprise insurance bills and confusion with insurance only add stress to a time that should be focused on health. In order to help lower the cost of your care, Muskegon Surgical Associates (MSA) has a cash bundled procedure program to allow for
discounted rates when patients pay for services upfront.

How Does it Work?

A cash bundle allows those with a high deductible or even no insurance at all still have access to the care they deserve. By working directly with MSA, we can reduce surgery costs up to 80%. When you pay for your procedure upfront, we will bundle the costs of anesthesia, physician fee, and facility fee together to make the surgery more affordable.

This transparent, low-cost system also lets you know the exact cost of your surgery. Financial clarity leaves out any surprise bills or confusion with the insurance company.

Is Financing Available?

Yes, we do offer financing via Care Credit.

How Do I Sign Up?

Instead of going to the hospital and billing your insurance, contact your MSA providers directly and ask about our cash bundle. Surgery undertaken in this manner does not require any prior authorization and care can be more timely. At times, our office can arrange same-day consultation and surgery.

View the full list of procedures to see what surgical care we provide. Then, contact us for surgery the way it should be: affordable, convenient, personalized and exceptional.