5 Benefits of Robotic Surgery

The term “robotic surgery” may conjure up sci-fi images of robots performing actual procedures, but in actuality, it refers to the high-tech equipment and software used by highly trained and experienced surgeons to enhance precision, control and flexibility.

In other words, robots are assisting surgeons, not taking over for them – unlike in the movies, we are still in control!

From a computer console providing an HD magnified view, the surgeon is able to guide mechanical arms featuring a camera and tiny surgical instruments that can bend and rotate more than humanly possible, thus facilitating delicate or complex procedures.

The benefits of robotic surgery go beyond that of increased precision and control for surgeons, though. Patients also benefit from this type of procedure in the following ways:

Robotic Surgery Advantages

  1. The technique is minimally invasive, which means only small incisions are necessary to perform your procedure.
  2. Small incisions equate to smaller, less noticeable scars.
  3. There is less pain and bleeding involved.
  4. Risk of infection, and therefore complications, is reduced significantly.
  5. Patients recover faster than they would with traditional surgery, which means a shorter hospital stay and a quicker return to daily routines.

At MSA, robotic surgeries are performed using the FDA approved da Vinci Surgical System – the most widely used clinical robotic surgical system in the country and throughout Europe. So, not only are our surgeons renowned, so are our robots! Yet another benefit: Peace of mind.

You can find out more about robot-assisted surgery, the procedures it can be used to perform, and whether you can take advantage of its benefits by contacting MSA general surgery today. Here for you. Here for good.