Inferior Vena Cava and Iliac Vein Duplex

To rule out the presence of thrombus within the IVC and/or iliac veins in suspected proximal deep venous thrombosis, and to evaluate the patency of the IVC in patients who have a filter.


  • Routine follow-up of patients who have an IVC filter to evaluate the patency of the IVC below and above the filter.
  • Bilateral lower extremity edema.
  • Abdominal and/or pelvic post-operative patients with lower extremity symptoms.


NPO 4 hours prior to the exam. If the patient is diabetic and unable to abide by this preparation, we will work with the patient. Please allow the patient to eat. Suggest that he/she eat as light a meal as possible and foods which are non-gas producing. If the patient must take diabetic medications just prior to eating, please ask them to bring the diabetic medications to the appointment. Preferably schedule the patient in the AM.