Patient Resources

Financial Policies

Thank you for choosing Muskegon Surgical Associates for all of your surgical needs. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality medical care. Maintaining a good physician-patient relationship is our primary goal. Patients are ultimately responsible for the charges associated with their care. We realize you have choices for your medical care and appreciate you choosing Muskegon Surgical Associates.

Insured Patients

We participate with most of the major health plans in the area which can include HMO, PPO and government products like Medicare and Medicaid.

Please be prepared to pay your portion of your co-pay/deductible/co-insurance on the date of service. Co-payment, co-insurance and deductibles are a contractual agreement between you and your insurance carrier. We cannot change or negotiate these amounts. Waiver of co-payment may constitute fraud under state and federal law. For your convenience we accept cash, checks or the following credit cards: Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

If you present to your appointment with an insurance that is out of network with MSA. You will be required to pay at our MSA private pay fee schedule for your visit.

Surgical Pre-Pay

If surgery is indicated, your out of pocket cost will be estimated based on your benefits and will be collected prior to your surgery. Anesthesia, facility and other provider’s fees are a separate charge. If you’re remaining deductible is not applied to our claim at MSA. A credit will appear on your account and a refunded will be promptly processed back to you.


There is a $15.00 fee associated with the completion of forms. We require payment for this fee before returning the completed forms to you. A signed Release of Information may also be necessary. Please allow 5 business day for us to complete the forms.

No Show Policy

At Muskegon Surgical Associates, we value every client’s time as much as our own. In order to provide each client with the highest quality experience, it is essential that you arrive on time.

If for any reason you anticipate being late, we ask that you call to inform us of your situation so that necessary arrangements can be made. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment.

In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule your office visit, please notify us 24 business hours prior to your appointment. Failure to give proper notification may result in a $50.00 charge that can be applied for services. Any previous no show that was scheduled for an office/hospital procedure may require you to pay a refundable deposit amount before being re-scheduled.

Delinquent Accounts / Prior Bad Debt

We may assign an account to collections if balances are unpaid after 60 days. Patients assigned to collections may be denied additional services. Patient’s balances are billed immediately on receipt of your insurance company payment or receipt of Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Payment is due within 10 business days of your receipt of your statement. Patients, who have previously never satisfied their payment obligations for prior episodes of care with Muskegon Surgical Associates, will be required to pay those in full before receiving additional care.

If you are unable to pay your balance when due, please contact our business office at 231-739-9461 to make alternative arrangements. Any patient with a past due amount many be denied additional service until the amount is paid or the patient is complying with an alternative payment arrangement.