Patient Resources


We advise patients to contact their insurance company prior to appointments for information regarding coverage of varicose vein treatment. Call the Member Services number located on your insurance card.

  • Verify that you have active insurance coverage.
  • Obtain co-pay, co-insurance, and deductible amounts.
  • Verify the diagnosis meets medical necessity for procedure/testing and that procedure/testing is covered by the insurance company.

Ask the insurance representative the following:

  1. Are there any waiting periods for pre-existing conditions or exclusions on your policy for treatment of varicose veins?
  2. What the benefits are for procedures/testing performed in a specialist office (diagnosis and procedure codes are listed below).
  3. Does the policy require a referral from the primary care provider prior to coming to Muskegon Surgical Associates? If yes, contact your primary care physician prior to coming to the office.
  4. Does the policy cover prescription compression stockings for venous insufficiency/varicose veins? All patients will require prescription compression stockings.

We will provide a financial estimate outlining your treatment plan. The final cost may vary and the patient may owe more money or be due a refund at the conclusion of treatment. The estimate will only include services that are rendered by Muskegon Surgical Associates. Other services if provided by the hospital will not be included. A 50% deposit of the total estimate not covered by your insurance is due before any appointments are scheduled. The remaining balance is due 7 business days before the treatment/visit date.

Procedure codes for Insurers

Venous Duplex Valves & Perforator Pre-Evaluation
Procedure Code: 93970 Diagnosis: Varicose Veins – 454.8 Pain – 729.5

Radiofrequency Greater Saphenous Ablation/Perforator Ablation Procedure
Procedure Code: 36475 Diagnosis: Venous Insufficiency/Varicose Vein – 459.81/454.8

Venous Duplex is ordered after each radiofrequency or ablation procedure
Procedure Code: 93971 Diagnosis: Superficial Thrombophlebitis post vein procedure – 451.0

Procedure Code: 37799 Diagnosis: Venous Insufficiency/Varicose Veins – 459.81/454.8

Procedure Code: 36471 Diagnosis: Varicose Veins -456.8/454.8

Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy
Procedure Code: 76942 Diagnosis: Varicose Veins – 456.8/454.8