How to Manage Nerve Pain After an Amputation

People with an amputated limb or limbs can experience ongoing nerve pain or impaired function. In fact, up to 75% of amputees experience debilitating pain. The Muskegon Surgical Associates Hand Center provides expert care and pain management, close to home. 

Occupational Therapy
After amputation surgery, your surgeon will likely recommend that you see a hand therapist as part of your recovery. Therapy can help you regain function, build strength, increase range of motion, and reduce pain. Your therapist will provide exercises for you to do at home, which is critical to enjoying a complete recovery. If you have a prosthesis, your therapist will also help you learn to use it.

Specially trained hand therapists can also help amputees manage ongoing pain, long after surgery.

Targeted Muscle Reinnervation
Muskegon Surgical Associates is one of only two practices in the state of Michigan to offer targeted muscle reinnervation (TMR), a procedure that can help patients experiencing phantom or residual nerve pain. TMR takes nerves that are cut during amputation and reroutes them to surrounding muscle. Originally developed to provide amputees with better control of artificial limbs, TMR has been shown to improve certain causes of pain. TMR is employed to treat symptomatic neuromas, the disorganized nerve endings that are responsible for residual limb or phantom limb pain.

Limb Restoration Clinic
The Hand Center at Muskegon Surgical Associates offers a bimonthly Limb Restoration Clinic, which provides an opportunity for amputees to coordinate their care at one appointment. If you are experiencing ongoing pain or impaired function from upper or lower limb amputation, the professionals at the Limb Restoration Clinic may be able to help. The Clinic offers occupational therapy, prosthetic therapy, peer support group, EMG testing, and access to our certified hand surgeon. Our team can create a customized care plan utilizing the most innovative surgical and technological approaches.  

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