What is a Board Certified Hand Surgeon?

Hand specialists are board-certified in a specialty area, typically orthopaedic surgery, plastic surgery, or general surgery, and receive additional specialized training in the treatment of conditions of the hands, elbows, arms, and shoulders. The hands and fingers feature highly complex networks of nerves, blood vessels, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones. Hand specialists are unique in their understanding of how to treat conditions that affect these parts of the body.

Muskegon Surgical Associates is one of only two practices in the state of Michigan that offers a procedure that can reduce phantom limb pain and improve quality of life for amputees. We also treat conditions including:

What is a Hand Therapist?

Certified hand therapists are either occupational or physical therapists who have specialized training in treating upper extremity conditions. Hand therapists work closely with physicians and patients to provide a continuum of care.

Hand therapy is used to treat injuries and conditions of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. Hand therapy can be appropriate for patients who have been affected by an accident, trauma, repetitive stress or arthritis, or for those recovering from surgery. Treatment can begin within days of the injury or surgery and typically continues until the patient returns to work and regular activities.

Movement after surgery is vitally important. Hand therapists provide patients with exercises, strengthening techniques, scar treatment, edema (swelling) control, and pain control. They can also help determine different ways to perform a job and routine tasks so patients can operate safely and efficiently.