Say So Long to Saggy Arms with an Arm Lift Procedure

If you struggle with saggy skin under your arms, you’re likely a big fan of sweater weather. Unfortunately, despite how it feels sometimes, winter doesn’t actually last forever. Tank top season will be back again before you know it, but this year, don’t dread it. Instead, look forward to sunnier days with an arm lift procedure by Muskegon Surgical Associates.

Whether it’s from an unfortunate family trait (thanks a lot, Mom), a frustrating battle with gravity as you age, or the result of a major weight loss, droopy underarm skin can not only be embarrassing, but also uncomfortable. An arm lift procedure, known as brachioplasty, can get rid of excess skin, remove fat, and tighten and smooth the underlying tissues of your upper arms, making them look and feel more defined and toned.

That means you can go from sweater to sleeveless without missing a beat!

Most commonly, an arm lift is performed by making an incision on the inside or back of your arm, and can be limited to your armpit or extend from elbow to armpit depending on your situation. Underlying tissues are tightened and reshaped, extra fat may be treated with liposuction, and excess skin removed before being smoothed over your newly contoured arm.

Recovery time varies but typically lasts from just 2 to 6 weeks. So, by the time warm weather arrives, and your arms will once again be on display, you’ll be ready for the big reveal, and rather than being too embarrassed to wear tank tops, you’ll have an excuse to go shopping for new sleeveless shirts!

Spend your winter preparing for a comfortable and confident summer. Schedule an arm lift with MSA plastic surgeons today.