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Preventing and Treating Varicose Veins During Pregnancy

Varicose veins can occur in almost anyone; in fact, they affect up to 35% of Americans. Varicose veins— large, bulging veins in the legs that can cause pain, itching and swelling—can be more likely to occur during pregnancy. Causes As progesterone causes blood to pool in the lower body, and a growing uterus compresses some…

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Many Vascular Procedures are Offered Right in Our Vascular Lab

Vascular conditions affect the veins and arteries, which bring oxygen to every living cell in your body. In most cases, vascular conditions are highly treatable, often without surgery. Patients with vascular conditions should consult a vascular surgeon, even when surgery is not needed. Vascular surgeons specialize in treatments of virtually every kind of vascular condition….

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