A Non-Surgical Facial Rejuevenation Option

There’s a new choice available for anyone seeking facial rejuvenation. While facelift has traditionally been the go-to solution for lifting the skin at the neck, chin and brow, now there’s Ultherapy®, a non-invasive procedure that can replace or postpone the need for a surgical facelift.

Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure for lifting and tightening skin (including improving lines and wrinkles in the upper chest) without surgery. Using ultrasound imaging, energy is delivered precisely where it benefits the skin the most, for natural-looking results that improve over time.11

Ultherapy doesn’t impact the surface of your skin or require recovery time. It’s the ideal non-invasive alternative for those not interested in or yet ready for surgery, providing proven results in a single treatment for most patients.

Ultherapy uses microfocused ultrasound to generate a thermal effect under the skin. This essentially jump-starts your body’s own process to create fresh, new collagen. Results appear over two to three months as new collagen works to lift skin on the neck, chin, brow or upper chest—whichever area(s) was targeted. Results may continue to improve over the following three to six months, and can last a year or more.

Treatment takes about an hour. The trained Ultherapists at Muskegon Surgical Associates are ready to meet with you to discuss if Ultherapy is the right way to meet your facial rejuvenation goals.