Protect Yourself from the Sun

As a part of UV Safety Month, it’s important to be mindful of the little things we can do to prevent long-term sun damage over time. One in five Americans will get skin cancer by age 70. In addition, repeated exposure to sunlight is known to lead to skin discoloration, dark spots, and wrinkles. To protect yourself from the sun, these four little things can make a big difference over time.

Sun Screen

Rule #1 cannot be stressed enough: wear sunscreen. This does not just apply to lazy days at the beach, but should be incorporated as a regular part of your skincare routine. Daily sunscreen on your face and neck can potentially cut your risk for skin cancer in half. On top of life-saving benefits, it also reduces the progression of wrinkles, limits dark spots & discoloration, and maintains a smoother skin tone.


Wide brim hats and clothing can shade and cover the skin from damaging rays. However, be aware that UV rays can pierce through thinner fabrics. Certain “UV protective” clothing is available, but you can also wear denser fabrics like denim or synthetic fibers to protect yourself.


UV rays can harm more than skin. To avoid damage to retinas, we recommend wearing sunglasses whenever outdoors to block UV damage to your vision. Not just any pair will do – search for wraparound sunglasses rated UV400 or higher to shield your eyes and surrounding skin from damage.

Avoid Tanning

Thankfully, interest in tanning salons has declined by a third in the past decade. Still, it is important to remember that tanning leads to premature aging and an increased risk of skin cancer. There is no “safe” way to suntan, so grab some sunscreen and be prepared to cover up! To treat your skin or schedule your yearly skin check, schedule an appointment on our home page. Pure Medical Spa is open for guests to treat themselves to a refreshing and revitalizing experience.


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