How to Build a Strong Skincare Routine

There are so many skincare products in our social media feeds and on the store shelves, it can be hard to even know where to begin when building a skincare routine. But that’s no reason to give up entirely. Your daily skincare habits can have a big impact on how your skin looks. In the end, taking good care of your skin can be highly personalized, so it’s best (and easiest!) to consult with a professional who can tailor a routine that’s best for you.

Skincare Basics
The key goals of establishing a skincare routine are to keep your complexion functioning at its best, watch out for concerning changes to your skin, and target any areas you want to improve. The foundation of your routine should include:

  1. Clean your face each morning and night and after exercising to remove oil, dirt, and makeup. Choose a cleanser that’s right for your skin type.
  2. Use a toner to detoxify and balance your skin. Toners remove any trace impurities left behind after cleaning the face and can target specific skin concerns. Hydrating toners soothe and calm skin to hold moisture in parched skin and make it appear dewier. Clarifying toners sweep away impurities that lead to blemishes and surface shine and are best for oily or problem skin.
  3. Apply serum to repair and protect your skin. The best serums provide a mix of nutrients for your skin. Depending on your needs, they can deliver results such as reducing the appearance of unwanted dark spots.
  4. Moisturize to hydrate your skin. Choose a night cream before bed to reduce the appearance of redness, blemishes, and signs of aging.
  5. Wear sunscreen to protect your skin! Be sure to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 before heading out the door each day.

Why See a Skincare Professional
The most effective skincare routine is one that involves high-quality products chosen for your personal skin needs by a professional. High-quality products feature ingredients that are backed by science and produce results you can see and feel. A skincare expert can help you sift through product options and recommend those that will be most beneficial for you and your skin.

The experienced, highly trained professionals at Pure Medical Spa can design a skincare routine just for you using the highest quality products. Contact us or call 231-739-1933.