Benefits of a Massage

Getting a massage is a reward onto itself. An hour of total relaxation means most people don’t need much persuasion to get one. But as an added bonus, there are a variety of health benefits in addition to simply relieving stress. If you’re on the fence about one of our treatments, take the plunge. Our massages have benefits beyond relaxation.

A Healthier You

Massages relieve stress by working and softening tense muscle tissue. The gentle movements relax tight pressure points of your body, increasing blood flow and range of motion. Massages are also known to improve sleep, and even enhance body immunity.

Drain Toxins

Your body naturally removes waste or “toxins” on a daily basis. However, when stress tightens your muscles, this can decrease circulation and make it harder for your body to filter those toxins out. Getting a massage increase circulation, allowing your body to clear out any waste that has built up over time.

After a massage, it’s best to drink a lot of water in order for the body to further filter out the toxins completely. That way, your great results will last even longer.

Improve Skin

Cupping Therapy is another massage technique used to draw out toxins directly through the skin. This therapy became popularized by our Olympic athletes to remove muscle pain, including Michael Phelps. In addition to the benefits of a massage, this technique is also known to increase the appearance of skin. This way, you not only remove toxins, but any unwanted skin imperfections as well.

Better than a tan

If you’re looking for that summer glow without the added risk of sun damage, Bronze-A-Piel massages are the perfect solution. Our bronzer provides color in comfort with a full body polish, moisturizer, and firming lotion. We provide all the results with none of the risks.

Speedier Recovery

While increased blood flow from massages tends to help with healing in general, it can be particularly helpful after surgery. We offer massages that help you recover from specific surgeries, and general treatments to help rebound from injuries faster. If you’re interested in including a massage during your recovery, talk to our medical spa representative at 231.739.1933.

Relaxation During Pregnancy

Prenatal massages are perfect to help alleviate the joint pain and insomnia that can accompany pregnancy. After your second trimester, an experienced prenatal massage therapist can adapt to your changing posture and accommodate your baby. Ask your healthcare provider before scheduling an appointment, and always alert your massage therapist of your pregnancy.

Want to pick out the perfect massage? There are plenty of additional massages offered by our Pure Medical Spa. Take a look at the full list, then schedule your relaxation today. Your body will thank you.