Vaginal Restoration Can Help Treat Urinary Incontinence (Leaking)

Over the course of a woman’s life, her pelvic floor muscles may become stretched, weakened, or damaged as a result of childbirth, an active lifestyle, menopause, weight fluctuation, and/or a shift in hormones. A weak pelvic floor can cause some women to experience stress urinary incontinence (SUI), or leaking, with physical movement or when they laugh or cough. Without treatment, SUI can affect women emotionally as well as physically, as fear or embarrassment can cause them to limit activities. 

SUI is a very common bladder problem for women, occurring less often in men. In fact, about one in three women aged 60 and older find they sometimes leak urine. 

Nonsurgical Treatment for Vaginal Restoration
Viveve Solutions is a patented device that rebuilds natural collagen to improve the structural integrity of the vagina and support the urethra. 

Viveve Solutions treatments are safe, effective, and typically cause no discomfort. The Viveve System treatment tip delivers cryogen cooling as well as pulses of monopolar radiofrequency energy, which results in the heating of the connective tissue while cryogen cools the surface at the same time. Patients may experience a warm or cool sensation during this process; however, it is not painful. 

Benefits of the treatment include:

  • Comfort—Patented Cryogen cooling technology keeps discomfort to a minimum.
  • Efficiency—Often, a 30-45-minute session is all you need to enjoy improvement for a year or longer.
  • Convenience—Treatment can be performed in an outpatient setting.
  • No downtime—Back to regular routine right away
  • No side effects – Viveve doesn’t cause bruising, bleeding, scarring, or pain
  • Discreet – no time off work, medical devices, or hospital stay required

InControl Products by Viveve are at-home devices that strengthen the pelvic floor and calm the detrusor muscle, which is used to contract the bladder for urination. The InControl Products help to control urination and prevent bladder leakage. Your medical practitioner can help you decide if an InControl product is right for you.

Muskegon Surgical Associates Can Help
Talk to your doctor to find out if Viveve Treatment is right for you. The trained, experienced healthcare practitioners at Pure Medical Spa can provide the treatment onsite. Contact us or call 231-739-1933 to request a consultation. 

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